SERPs Quiet Over the Weekend, Crawl Error Source Report Not Coming Back, and Limit Hreflang Pages - Live News

SEO Live News: Monday 24 February, 2020. CREDIT: THE SEARCH REVIEW
By Jonathan Griffin, Editor, SEO Consultant, & Developer.
  • John Mueller: You may want to limit the number of Hreflang pages.
  • The Crawl Error Source Report may not be coming to the new Search Console.
  • Google doesn’t crawl content behind JavaScript Load More buttons. Infinite scroll not much better.
  • The Google search results look very stable today.
  • Google Hangout Notes for last Friday’s session.
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Google Webmaster Hangout Notes - February 21st, 2020

Google’s John Mueller hosted a Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout last Friday, where members of the public had the opportunity to ask questions about search-related topics.

You can my full list of notes for the hangout below.

Read more: Google Webmaster Hangout Notes - February 21st, 2020.

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The URL inspection tool only works on web pages; it doesn't work for images.

A webmaster has been troubleshooting why the URL inspection tool was not working for images.

The tool reported that the robots.txt file blocked the image, even though the robots.txt file was correctly implemented.

Mueller responded, stating that the URL Inspection Tool does not work for images, only web pages.

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The Google search results look very stable today. You can rest easy.

The SEMrush Sensor SERP tracker shows very little volatility for today:

Low SERP Volatility 24th February, 2020. CREDIT: SEMRUSH

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Google Using Website Representation Vectors to Classify with Expertise and Authority

Bill Slawski at Go Fish Digital has posted about a new Google Patent that may explain how Google classifies YMTL websites \ E-A-T using neural networks.

It covers how Google can assign scores for specific types of knowledge domains, including health, doctors, and medicine.

I’ll be covering this in more detail later, but for now, check out Bill Slawski’s article:

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Google doesn't crawl content behind JavaScript Load More buttons. Infinite scroll not much better.

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed in a Webmaster Hangout that they no longer crawl content behind JavaScript “load more” buttons. Also, Mueller confirmed that they might not crawl all content loaded via the infinite scroll technique either.

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URL Structure to Title Tag is a 7:1 Banana Ratio in importance according to John Mueller.

Google’s John Mueller was asked how important, relatively speaking, URL structure is to Title Tag, in terms of bananas.

Here is what he had to say:

I would give it seven bananas. I think that’s a good number of bananas I should I said a lot of bananas now I don’t know. I think you’re generally asking like is the URL structure more important than a title tag or not and these are vastly different things

So that’s not something where I’d say it’s like you should focus on either one or the other, but rather if you want to work on your site in a holistic way, then try to make sure that everything aligns.

You can view the relevant part of the video below:

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John Mueller not surprised if 15% of all search queries are new statistic is still the case today

John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, said that he is not surprised if the statistic saying that 15% of all search queries are new still applies today.

The statistic has been going around since 2013, and was more recently reiterated in 2018.

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A Couple of Things to Start your Day

#1. Legacy Webmaster Tools Crawl Error Report Showing 404 Sources May Not Be Coming Back

Google’s John Mueller was asked in a recent Webmaster Central office-hours hangout whether they have any plans to bring back the 404 sources report in the old Webmaster Tools.

John Mueller confirmed that there had been some discussions, but that he does not “know what the current status is.”

#2. Google: Using Hreflang for All Possible Languages and Countries Might Be a Mistake.

Mueller indicated that some webmasters create pages for all languages in all countries, but that could be the wrong approach. He continued that you should “limit the number of pages you create to those that are absolutely critical & valuable.”

#3. Good news. The SERP trackers show little volatility over the weekend.

There has not been much volatility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) according to the SERP tracking tools.

SERP Volatility 22nd & 23rd February, 2020. CREDIT: SEMRUSH
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